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Nov 5, 2018

This week the GymWits talk with RD and nutrition expert Tony Stephan about reverse dieting. It's a great chat about the concept and it's practical applications. For more on Tony, check out his website:

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Oct 29, 2018

Are you celebrating halloween next week? If so, here are a few tips from me on how to prevent over eating that delicious but not so nutritious candy!

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Sep 3, 2018

This week the GymWits are back as they talk about Fatburners. Justin has been wanting to ask Toni about their effectiveness and whether some of the unpronounceable ingredients will domore harm than good. 

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Mar 15, 2018

If you haven't subscribed to the Tips with Toni Podcast, here's a sampling of all the great info. If you like what you hear, Subscribe in whatever podcast aggregator you use, like the GymWits Podcast, You can find TWT almost anywhere. 

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Feb 28, 2018

This week the GymWits have a special guest in the studio, Melanie Boehmer. Melanie is a Registered Dietitian and a Certified Sports Nutritionist. This week she shares some great information relating to nutrition and athletic performance. Topics include:

Protein Intake


Sports nutrition myths

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