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Jan 25, 2016

Working in an office can involve countless hours of inactivity which can be detrimental to ones health. This week on The GymWits Podcast, Ryan and Justin discuss some creative workarounds in order to make the office a healthier environment and fight off the risks that come from being sedentary.

Topics discussed


Jan 18, 2016

Bonus post, your Everyday Gym Character. 

Jan 18, 2016

This week The GymWits answer an interesting question from a friend who happens to be a single parent. They talk about how to fit in exercise with limited time. While the focus is on single parents, the GymWits have tips that can be useful for anyone. 
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Jan 11, 2016

This week the GymWits answer your questions on the podcast. As usual, listeners are encouraged to send their questions, the more fitness related questions, the more ask the trainer episodes.
This week the GymWits cover:
Performing squats with knee pain
Leg raises for the abs
Losing fat under the arms

Jan 4, 2016

Happy New Year!! This week The GymWits return to tackle the New Years Resolution. It happens every year and almost everyone has gone through it multiple times. Unfortunately, while creating a New Years Resolution is easy, sticking to it is not. This week, the GymWits interview Mind Coach Richard Scott and they discuss...