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Oct 19, 2015

Michelle Richards


In this weeks episode of The GymWits Podcast, Ryan chats with Michelle Richards, fitness expert and co author of The Fitness Revival. They discuss her highly informative new book as well as some of the very important concepts contained in it. It's an wide ranging and informative discussion for...

Oct 19, 2015

GymWits Top 5: Tips for Working out on Vacation

This week, the GymWits have another top 5 list for you as they discuss some great tips for maintaining your fitness on vacation. Not going on vacation any time soon? Not a problem as some of these tips also work well if you are short on time or if you are having...

Oct 12, 2015

This week, The GymWits discuss Overtraining. A common occurence and something that almost every fitness enthusiast has experienced at some point. 

Topics Discussed

- Causes or overtraining

-Symptoms of overtraining

- Mental and physical effects

- How to balance your fitness program

- How to avoid overtraining

- What to...

Oct 5, 2015

On this week's episode of the podcast, the GymWits talk Self Defense. It's a top 5 (or so) list of Self Defense concepts that aren't discussed enough. When we think about Self Defence, we often have ideas about what it entails and there are important aspects that anyone looking to learn must understand.