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The GymWits- Fitness, Health, Nutrition & Exercise

Jun 29, 2015

This week The GymWits discuss a couple of fairly recent fitness related subjects and how they relate to the larger issue of body shaming. 

In the second segment, The GymWits introduce their second Gym Character of the week. Enjoy!


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Jun 22, 2015

This week the GymWits answer your questions. We cover a variety of fitness related questions. If you would us to answer your questions on a future episode, submit one at


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Jun 15, 2015

The title may or may not be a bait and switch as the GymWits have an in depth discussion on weight loss and obesity. This episode begins with a discussion of the various components involved in weight gain and obesity in our society. The discussion then shifts to how the fitness industry is actually making the...

Jun 1, 2015

This week the GymWits discuss a number of common exercise and fitness buzzwords and how they are incorrectly used in the fitness industry. 

The buzzwords discusses are:

Finctional Training


The Core

High Intensity Interval Training


Lactic Acid


In addition, the GymWits introduce a new segment: The...